Manure removal systems

Generally, this applies to Lind Jensen Agri manure removal systems:
  • Long operational life – maximum up-time
  • Low energy consumption
  • Animal welfare and safety are a top priority. Built-in sensors and adjustable torque
  • Genuine spare parts at reasonable prices
  • Complete solutions for all types of floors and surfaces
  • Efficient, sustainable solution for barns with sand in the resting stalls
  • Own mounting and service department for manure removal systems
  • PLC control system with many options and simple operation.
  • Efficient cleaning of the dung passage

At Lind Jensen Agri, we have nearly 50 years’ experience in manufacturing and fitting manure removal systems. This means that today we can build our production and development on more than 5000 reference plants in the world.

Along the way, we have continuously followed developments within both barn construction and animal welfare, and continue to be at the forefront in terms of new barns and the renovation of existing barns.

The broad Lind Jensen range includes both hydraulic powered manure removal systems and installations powered by pulling stations with electric motors. We have the market’s most effective systems for both handling liquid manure and solid manure, and regardless of the type of floor and the underlay of the dung passage, we have a scraper to suit the task.


Customized manure scrapers for cattle