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LJM Agri – Lind Jensen company profile

Lind Jensen

Lind Jensen Agri has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing the highest quality manure removal systems and equipment for handling liquid manure.

We strive daily to deliver the right product, of the right quality, at the right price to our customers worldwide.

Lind Jensen Agri is one of Denmark’s leading producers of manure removal systems and equipment for handling liquid manure.

From the beginning, Agri products have been at the core of the company’s production, which also includes equipment for handling liquids within wastewater and biogas, as well as hydraulic cylinders for all needs. These product lines are manufactured and marketed in their own autonomous departments and the company employs more than 225 employees in offices in Denmark, China and the USA.

Products for wastewater and biogas are developed on the basis of products for the agricultural sector, while the hydraulics department supplies hydraulic cylinders that go into our manure removal systems. In that way, there is consistency throughout the range. We have a hand in the entire process from development to production to delivery and servicing, and in this way we ensure that we can always deliver very high quality products with long service intervals and a long operational life.

Lind Jensen is ISO 9001 certified and continuously working with Lean principles, in order to ensure a cost effective production flow without sacrificing quality. All relevant staff are trained in Six-Sigma, where the goal is to achieve faultless sales, production and delivery.

At Lind Jensen we wish to be a flexible supplier, delivering the right products, at the right price and with a short delivery time. Therefore, fast and efficient service – before, during and after delivery – is crucial for us.

Many years of working with many of our customers in Denmark and abroad confirms that these business principles are appreciated by our customers. So if you would like to work with a supplier with more than 50 years of experience and know-how, then Lind Jensen Agri is the right choice. Before, during and after delivery.

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